The actions of some unlikely heroes during the August riots have been celebrated at a special ceremony.

Stories of ordinary people standing up to looters and mobilising the inspirational "broom army" following the civil unrest were heard at Wandsworth town hall last week.

Six selfless Community Champions were crowned for their courageous efforts during and after the disorder on August 8.

Heather Taylor started the #riotcleanup ‘hash tag’ on Twitter and, together with James Walker, helped galvanise local residents to unite for a mass clean-up after the disturbances.

That day, 500 people gathered near Clapham Junction to form what became known as Battersea’s Broom Army.

Hamid Choudhury, from the Noiya Indian Kitchen and Bar in Lavender Hill, valiantly attempted to prevent looting and damage to shops along the road by standing in front of windows and reasoning with vandals.

He ran from shop to shop to block groups of looters with a total disregard for his own safety.

Members of the Lavender Hill Traders Association described Mr Choudhury as “instrumental” in limiting the damage done to businesses that night.

Quick-thinking Peter Ndow, deputy manager at Pizza Express, Lavender Hill, barricaded his staff into two rooms while looters smashed glass and tables and raided the restaurant - even trying to gain access to the locked rooms.

Despite the terrifying ordeal Mr Ndow and his staff quickly returned to work in the following days to help with the clean-up operation.

After presenting the awards, the borough’s mayor, Councillor Jane Cooper, said: “These eight award-winners fully deserve all the praise levelled at them.

“The public disorder that swept through the streets near Clapham Junction shocked and saddened us all - but the criminals responsible failed to overcome the community spirit possessed by so many living and working in the borough.

“I hope the efforts and ongoing work of these selfless people act as an inspiration to others and I thank them for helping make Wandsworth such a fantastic place to live.”