Wandsworth Council is to restart the process to evict the family of a teenage aid worker who took part in looting Clapham Junction following his jailing for 11 months yesterday.

Daniel Sartain-Clarke, 18, of Kennard House, Francis Chichester Way, Battersea, who is a commited Christian, was caught inside Currys store in Clapham Junction on August 8 last year.

Police found him in the ransacked shop's stockroom two hours after it had been broken into by others.

Within days his mother, Maite De La Calva, 43, became the first person in the country to be handed an eviction notice by a council because a family member was accused involvement in the riots.

Sartain-Clarke pleaded guilty to burglary in October but the council decided not to proceed with the eviction process until after he had stood trial for resisting arrest.

It was decided yesterday that he would not be tried for this, though the charge would remain on his file.

Wandsworth Council said this morning it will interview Ms De La Calva to give her the chance to say why she should not be evicted before a final decision is made.

A council spokesperson said: "His actions that night were a clear and unequivocal breach of our tenancy conditions and as a result we will now be moving on to the next stage of the legal process." The charity worker shares the flat with her eight-year-old daughter and has lived in the area for over five years.

Sentencing him at Inner London Crown Court, Judge Ian Darling said it was one of the most tragic cases he had come across.

He said: "Unlike many who contented themselves with walking around the shop floor you made your way downstairs to the store room presumably because there was nothing left to steal upstairs.

"You are a committed Christian with a capital C and a small C and an aid worker. I have reams of references attesting to you. You are a helper and a doer.

"This is as out of character as it's possible to imagine."

Brothers Simon Rodney, 31, of Gosling Way, and Timothy Rodney, 30, of Clarewood Walk, Brixton were caught at the same time as Sartain-Clarke and were jailed for 20 months after admitting burglary.

Wandsworth Labour councillor Tony Belton, who has been supporting the family said: "I think the council want to consider very seriously the words from the judge which were so approving of Daniel Sartain-Clarke's record and giving as light a sentence as he felt he could.

"If they were to proceed with the eviction I think the community would react negatively."