The mayor of Wandsworth has given out about 2,500 honorary pins to members of the community during her "wonderful year".

A new councillor will be elected to take on her position on Thursday as Councillor Jane Cooper waves goodbye to all of the pageantry, awards evenings and royal visits while raising money for charity in the process.

But in her last week in office she still managed to squeeze in 20 events. In fact she has had only two nights off since March.

She has enjoyed five royal visits, 15 visits to Wandsworth hospitals and about 40 church trips since she took up the position in May 2011.

Coun Cooper is also the first mayor in London to come up with the idea of give out pins to pillars of the community, which each bear the crest of Wandsworth and the message "To serve."

The project was granted about £9,000 funding, with people aged 8 years old to 92 receiving the honour.

Coun Cooper said: "I heard one mayor had a pin for people who came to the parlour, and I had an idea from that.

"For 300,000 people there should be something to recognise the resident associations, school governors and good neighbours.

"What happens is, someone sees it and you get talking and people can find out about the work they are doing.

"There are so many good people around. I think the more they get recognised and the more people know about these people, more will get more involved."

Last week Coun Cooper took her fundraising to another level and swapped her regalia for running shoes, jogging 5K from Whittington Hospital in Magdala Avenue to Mansion House in the city for the mayor's charities.

She highlighted three events during her mayoral year which particularly touched her; the Battersea Police Fundraising Ball, a lunch held in Battersea Park on Christmas day by the Battersea Park Rotarians and a Balham and Tooting Community (BATCA) event in June.

She said: "The one dear to my heart was the BATCA event in June. They closed off Broadwater Road, organised by the Christian church here and Muslim school here.

"The whole area was filled with so many people from different nationalities, I said we should be spreading this message across the UK. It just lifts my heart."

Another highlight has been taking along foster children to as many events as possible, with youngsters accompanying her to the Redbridge Pantomime and the Barbican.

Children have also been invited to join her at the Diamond Jubilee flotilla to watch the event from Chelsea Bridge.

She will continue to be a ward councillor for West Putney when the new mayor is chosen and said she has a few more things up her sleeve.

The new mayor will be elected on Thursday, May 17 during the mayor making ceremony at Wandsworth Town Hall.

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