A Battersea campaigner has responded with deep cynicism to the latest development plans at Battersea Power Station.

Brian Barnes, who has battled to preserve the iconic building for almost 30 years, believes the £8bn proposals by a Malaysian Consortium, unveiled last week, are just the latest in a long line of expensive pipe dreams.

The previous project, involving Real Estate Opportunities and Treasury Holdings, failed spectacularly and the site went into administration in November last year.

Mr Barnes, who set up the Battersea Power Station Community Group in 1983, said: "I've seen so many of these days, when yet another group of property developers tell us how incredible their plans are going to be.

"Nothing surprises me any more. How many times have we seen those photographs? Are they the same ones that Treasury Holdings used?

"I've heard the first phase is not going to include any affordable housing either which doesn't surprise me. I wonder how many people from Wandsworth are going to be moving in?

"How many young people in Wandsworth, like my son, are going to be able to afford to live there? I would say none."

Mr Barnes, a much-loved Battersea-based artist, has dedicated much of his life and work to the Battersea community through his campaigns, paintings and murals. Along with fellow campaigner Keith Garner, he helped secure the power station's Grade II* status in 2009.