A stand-off between builders and parents took place this morning, after bulldozers began to destroy equipment at an adventure playground.

A handful of campaigners asked builders to stop pulling down the adventure playground in York Gardens, Lavender Road.

Parks police were called to the park in Wandsworth, with the builders promising to save a skate board built by children who use the park.

It is believed demolition work on the playground began yesterday evening, after the council announced it is updating the playgrounds to remove the need for supervisors and save the council £350,000 a year.

But parents are angry that demolition work has already gone ahead before a meeting which is believed to be taking place between Wandsworth Council and charity Kids Company later this month. 

It is believed the charity has put a proposal to the council to run all three of the playgrounds.

Jane Eades, who has been campaigning to save the playgrounds, said: "There are people coming up with alternatives, they are not listening.

"You can only think it is bloody mindedness. They want to be seen as tough."

A council spokesperson said they are investing on improving the playgrounds.

He said: "The council is investing £500,000 on improving these three playgrounds this winter so that we can continue to provide exciting, popular and modern play facilities for young people.

"Battersea Park's adventure playground will undergo a £200,000 refurbishment while the one at York Gardens will also benefit from a major facelift and the installation of brand new equipment."

The playgrounds are expected to re-open again in the Spring.