A former Elliott School teacher and a Wandsworth artist gave education secretary Michael Gove his just desserts after cutting a cake depicting his head.

Mr Gove has been blamed for pushing through a decision to sell off school land at the Putney school in order to fund the new ARK academy.

Former teachers, students, parents and campaigners have slammed the move which they believe will destroy the school's unique character.

Teacher Diane Bindman and artist Phillipa Egerton, whose two children went to Elliott, said they took great pleasure carving up Mr Gove's head with a eight-inch carving knife.

Mrs Egerton threw open the doors to her Accris Street house on Sunday as part of the Open House Weekend, where artists allow the public into their homes to view their work.

She said: "I was very pleased with the turnout. The head cutting is supposed to be a bit of fun and is the closest I'll ever get to performing arts.

"I think it's a real shame that one of the few comprehensive school with decent grounds is being stripped of its land."

Other heads to have suffered the same treatment from Mrs Egerton, include Boris Johnson, Tony Blair and Sadiq Khan - who sportingly cut his own head.