The London Marathon is returning for 2021 this weekend, with an estimated 100,000 runners expected to take part, making it the biggest event yet.

A virtual event was held last year due to the coronavirus pandemic, but the lifting of restrictions a few months ago has allowed for the marathon to make a physical return.

The route competitors will be running along might be useful knowledge ahead of time for those taking part.

Many London landmarks can be seen along the way, including Canary Wharf, the Shard, Tower Bridge, London Eye, Houses of Parliament and Buckingham Palace in the final stretch.

Here’s the route runners will be completing their challenge along.

What is the London Marathon 2021 route?

Mile 1

Wandsworth Times: First few miles of the London Marathon route (London Marathon)First few miles of the London Marathon route (London Marathon)

The 26.2 mile challenge begins at one of three start lines near Blackheath, Greenwich.

They are split into red, blue and green start lines, with red starting along Charlton Way, Green on St. John’s Park and Blue far along Blackheath Hill.

Green and Blue will converge before the first mile is reached on Old Dover Road, while Red will continue along Charlton Way.

Miles 2-3

Green and Blue will move from Old Dover Road to Charlton Park Lane, while Red continues through to Charlton Park Road, Little Heath, Hill Reach and then Artillary Place.

Both lines then come together just before the third mile at John Wilson Street.

Miles 4-6

A long stretch of straight road then begins, with runners moving from Woolwich Church Street, to Woolwich Road and then Trafalgar Road.

Mile 6 will see runners go past the first significant London landmark in the Cutty Sark, which is now synonymous with the marathon in its dry dock in Greenwich.

The clipper used to transport alcohol and tea between the UK and China.

Miles 7-11

From then on runners will go through Deptford, along Surrey Quays into Rotherhithe and then towards Bermondsey.

Mile 12

Another couple of landmarks can be seen along this stretch of the route, including the tallest building in the UK  in the Shard.

Runners will also go across Tower Bridge in this segment.

Miles 13-15

Now it is another long section of straight road along The Highway, before turning into Narrow Street.

A sharp turn will then take competitors towards West India Quay and then along West Ferry Road.

Miles 16-20

Wandsworth Times: Middle section of the London Marathon (London Marathon)Middle section of the London Marathon (London Marathon)

Runners will continue along Westferry Road before heading up East Ferry Road and then taking a sharp left into Marsh Wall.

They’ll be right amongst Canary Wharf at this point, and take a twisting route towards Blackwall tube station.

After that it is onto West India Dock Road.

Miles 21-24

At this point runners will return the way they came back onto The Highway, onto Lower Thames Street and then Upper Thames Street.

It’s another long, straight road to Victoria Embankment as the finishing line draws nearer and nearer.

Mile 25

As runners head along Victoria Embankment towards Westminster they’ll go past the London Eye, Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament as they enter the final mile.

Mile 26

Wandsworth Times: The ending section of London Marathon (London Marathon)The ending section of London Marathon (London Marathon)

The penultimate bend of the course lines up with Buckingham Palace. As soon as runners see it they know they’ll have just 385 yards left to go until the finish line at the Mall.