If you have ventured into London around Christmas time you will have noticed the array of colourful Christmas lights strung across the busy streets, Carnaby street is often a place visited as its well known for its display of lights. This year (2021) Carnaby have create a kaleidoscope of iridescent, shimmering, hand decorated butterflies across the street. Not only are these lights beautiful but they create a colourful and vibrant and inclusive atmosphere by saying ‘Choose Love’ on the rainbow lights, this inclusive atmosphere that Carnaby street has created has caused many people to join to take photos of the lights and walk down the eye-catching street. The Butterfly lights are representative of life as a metaphor for ‘spiritual re birth, transformation, change and rebirth’ and the butterflies highlight the ever-changing nature and unpredictability of life. I recently visited Carnaby street and was amazed by the atmosphere on the street – people taking photos with friends, admiring the lights and enjoying themselves which hasn’t been seen in years due to COVID 19.

Not only are the lights on Carnaby street this year bright, hopeful and vibrant but the installation is working alongside the charity Choose Love which is an organisation that is aiming to raise urgent funds for refugees around the world and with additional fundraising for Afghanistan refugees. On Carnaby street there are 3 Choose Love shops that sell limited edition products including their pride collection which shows support for LGBTQ+ members and their ‘choose earth’ collection which raises money for Brazil's indigenous leaders in order to help their fight to save the planet.

Choose Love are providing refugees with lifesaving equipment such as rescue boats and food, they aim to elevate the voices and visibility for refugees as well as raising awareness as well as helping refugees with migration routes globally. Choose Love are a global movement working across 15 countries and in 5 years they have raised tens of millions of pounds for organisations supporting migration routes. Choose Love aim to create a world that ‘chooses love and justice for every day, for everyone’ (Choose Love website). The lights in Carnaby this year are igniting hope in the community after a tough few years and are illuminating the street with bright, neon colours and promoting inclusivity and equal opportunities for all as well as raising money for refugees to help provide them with essential supplies and support.