Viewers of Michael McIntyre's hit game show The Wheel are all asking one thing - what does LEGO mean?

The meaning of the Danish word was one of the questions that left fans' heads spinning on BBC One on Saturday.

The hit game show features a spinning wheel of celebrity experts who help the contestants answer trivia questions from their area of expertise for a chance at winning the cash prize. 

This week's episode featured celebrity guests Richard E Grant, Saffron Barker, David Haye, Anneka Rice, Danny Jones, Jo Brand and Melvin Odoom.

Wandsworth Times: Children playing with LEGO. Credit: PAChildren playing with LEGO. Credit: PA

What does LEGO mean?

Since Melvin Odoom's expert category was toys, one of the questions on The Wheel was what the meaning is of the Danish toy brand.

The question asked: "The name "LEGO" comes from a Danish phrase that literally translates as what?"

Saturday's contestant was paired with social media expert and youtube Saffron Barker to help her answer the question.

The multiple choices included: 'Have fun', 'Play Well', 'Make Thing' and 'Join Up'.

While the pair reasoned that the world of toys is all about having fun, it was actually the incorrect answer.

And Melvin Odoom, who is famously terrible at the competition, got the answer right. 

LEGO literally translates as 'play well'.

The Wheel airs on BBC One on Saturdays at 8.30 pm.