Aldi’s new ‘sleep tea’ is helping people gain the ‘Best sleep ever’ according to shoppers.

Customers claim the 69p product is ‘better than sleeping pills’ with some even claiming it can help relieve anxiety.

The tea promises to ‘help support normal sleep’ and comes in a range of flavours including passion flower, camomile and apple.

Aldi tea ‘works better than sleeping pills’

One customer named Lindsay tried Aldi’s Diplomat Night Time tea to see whether it would help improve her sleep. When she woke up she was so impressed with the results she posted on the Aldi UK shoppers group on Facebook.

She wrote: "Best nights sleep I've had in ages after this sleep tea."

Other Aldi shoppers agreed, One person said: "I've been taking the sleep one since 2 days ago and honestly it works better than sleeping pills and also works on my anxiety levels so I drink a cup here and then during the day....and the taste is lovely too!!"

Another added: "I love it. I take a cup up to bed and read for 30 mins before I turn the light out."

"I use the Twinings one but will definitely be swapping to these saving £1 a box! Thanks for sharing,” added  third.

Diplomat teas come in boxes of 20 teabags and is available to buy both in store and online.