Wimbledon 2023 got underway yesterday and people from all over the world have been queuing to secure a ticket to one of the biggest events on the British sporting calendar. 

Tens of thousands of fans have once again joined the famous Wimbledon queue over the past few days. 

Tennis fans began joining 'The Queue' as early as Sunday evening in order to secure their tickets to day one.

For those looking at heading down to join the queue in the coming days, here is all you need to know.

Wandsworth Times: Fans have camped out overnight in an attempt to secure a ticket to Wimbledon 2023.Fans have camped out overnight in an attempt to secure a ticket to Wimbledon 2023. (Image: Zac Goodwin/PA)

Getting Wimbledon tickets through 'The Queue'

According to the championship website "Wimbledon remains one of the very few major sporting events where you can buy premium tickets on the day of play".

It added: "For many, The Queue at The Championships is as much a part of the Wimbledon experience as the tennis itself."

What is The Queue? It is just that - a queue where potential spectators line up in the hope of securing a ticket to Wimbledon.

Describing The Queue, the Wimbledon website says: "Each day a large Queue forms to buy either one of the limited Show Court tickets available, or a Grounds ticket. 

"Tickets are sold on a best available, one per person queuing basis and are non-transferable."

Wandsworth Times: Will you be queuing up to try and secure a ticket to Wimbledon 2023 this week?Will you be queuing up to try and secure a ticket to Wimbledon 2023 this week? (Image: Zac Goodwin/PA)

Up to 500 tickets for each of the Show Courts (Centre Court, No.1 Court and No.2 Court) will be sold each day.

The Grounds Pass - which is labeled the "The ultimate Wimbledon experience" - enables you to access all courts including No.3 Court, Court 12 and Court 18, as well as The Hill, where we screen the action from Centre and No.1 Courts.

There are a limited number of Grounds Passes available each day priced at £27 and are reduced from day nine onwards as The Championships progresses.

The Wimbledon website says: "If you arrive in The Queue by 9am, you should have a good chance of getting in, although we can't guarantee availability of course."

The Queue starts in Wimbledon Park with access via the Wimbledon Park Road gates.

The Wimbledon Park Road gate is just a five minute walk from Southfields Station.

The Wimbledon 2023 queues so far

Spectators hoping to secure a ticket to Wimbledon 2023 began lining up as earlier as Sunday night to get into day one yesterday.

Thousands have camped out over the first few nights of the Championship hoping to secure a good spot in the line and enhance their chances of getting a ticket.

Katrin Causch, flew over from Berlin to join the queue for Wimbledon for the fourth time.

She arrived at Wimbledon Park at 11pm on Sunday (July 2) equipped only with a sleeping bag and no tent.

Katrin said: “It’s just unbelievable, it’s great.

“It’s the famous tournament and they make it possible for people to queue getting tickets, instead of paying very high prices.

“It is amazing in the queue to meet people from all over the world.”

Wandsworth Times: Some people have queued for nearly 24 hours.Some people have queued for nearly 24 hours. (Image: PA)

While a group of friends arrived to queue for day two on Monday (July 3) at 10am nearly 24 hours before gates opened.

Tens of thousands of tennis fans have joined the queue over the first two days, optimistic of securing a ticket. 

With so many people queuing to get a tickets many have been left disappointed, unable to secure a ticket having been placed too far back.

Anand Sridhar, 34, who also came from Berlin, said he arrived at the gates at 8am on Monday, but left at around 2pm after learning the queue number was around 2,000 at the time, and his number was “10,000 odd”.

Mr Sridhar added that the toilets and food stalls were “over-pouring with queues”, saying they took more than 30 to 45 minutes to access, with the stalls “running out of food”.

There were hold-ups at security on Monday as well which frustrated Wimbledon fans further. 

Weather for the week at Wimbledon as thousands more get set to flock to 'The Queue'

With the queue being located outside fans will be wondering what the weather is going to be like so they can work out what to pack.

Wandsworth Times: Thundery showers were forecast for Wimbledon on Tuesday, July 4.Thundery showers were forecast for Wimbledon on Tuesday, July 4. (Image: PA)

After thundery showers were forecast for today, the rest of the week seems to be relatively clear according to BBC Weather:

  • Wednesday, July 5: Sunny intervals and a gentle breeze - 20C
  • Thursday, July 6: Sunny intervals and a gentle breeze - 21C
  • Friday, July 7: Sunny and a gentle breeze - 27C
  • Saturday, July 8: Light rain and a gentle breeze - 26C
  • Sunday, July 9: Sunny intervals and a gentle breeze - 23C

If you are planning on watching Wimbledon from the comfort of your own home - the championship will be broadcast on BBC One, Two and BBC iPlayer.

You can also get live score updates and more information about the event by downloading the Wimbledon app.