Just Stop Oil protesters have disrupted a Wimbledon match between Bulgarian player Grigor Dimitrov and Japanese athlete Sho Simabukuro.

The protesters successfully stormed Court 18 during a match and stopped play using orange confetti.

This comes amid a campaign by some climate activists to draw attention to climate change using a series of disruptive stunts at sporting events.

Previous stunts include one at the World Snooker Championships earlier this year when one activist jumped on top of the Snooker table before releasing orange powder.

Leafblowers are now been used clear out the confetti from the court while two individuals have been detained by police.

This comes after famous Scottish tennis player Andy Murray recently commented about potential Just Stop Oil action at Wimbledon 2023.

Andy Murray's message to Just Stop Oil at Wimbledon: 'Players have rackets'

When asked about potential stunts, he said: "I think there is probably a good chance of something happening.

“I was talking about it with my family the other day. I don’t know, if somebody ran onto the court and came towards you, what your reaction would be to that because you don’t know who it is or what they are doing or why they are doing it.

“If they would attach themselves to the net or throw something onto the court – they have to be a bit careful going too near to tennis players who have obviously got rackets in their hands.”

Murray added: “I would imagine probably something [a protest] would happen here.

“I agree with the cause – just not always how they go about expressing it. Rather than running on the court, maybe they could do it a different way.

“I didn’t see what Jonny Bairstow did, but it could be dangerous.”