The most hotly anticipated tennis match of the year takes place today as Carlos Alcaraz and Novak Djokovic face off in a historic match.

Will it be a passing of the torch? signalling a new era for tennis, or will the old guard prevail for an eighth time?

Alcaraz is currently the world No. 1, having overtaken Djokovic just before Wimbledon began after winning at Queen's.

Djokovic, meanwhile, has won a record 23 Grand Slam men's singles titles and only Roger Federer has won more times at Wimbledon than the Serbian. 

Alcaraz is feeling confident he can beat his rival, with the pair currently tied 1-1 having only played each other twice.

"I am ready for this," Alcaraz declared. "It is no time to be afraid. I will believe that I can beat him here. I dreamed of playing a final here. It is no time to be tired. It is going to be a really tough challenge for me. I am going to go for it."

Djokovic, meanwhile, was complimentary about his foe, stating: "He can do pretty much anything on the court and I consider myself to also be a very complete player. He's very motivated. He's young. He's hungry. I'm hungry, too, so let's have a feast."

Tennis fans are in for a real treat this afternoon as the two best players in the world face off, but whoever wins will be in for an even better treat.

How much do players earn by round:

Winner - £2,350,000

Runner-up - £1,175,000

Semi-Finalists - £600,000

Quarter-Finalists - £340,000

Fourth Round - £207,000

Third Round - £131,00

Second Round - £85,000

First Round - £55,000

Total prize money - £32,154,000

World No 1 Carlos Alcaraz will face Novak Djokovic in the Wimbledon men's singles final today at 2pm on BBC.