When new menus at the likes of Costa Coffee and Starbucks are released, my heart skips a beat with excitement every time – specifically when it comes to seasonal treats.

I have absolutely no idea why I look forward to spotting adverts for the latest additions but trying new food is basically one of my favourite hobbies.

McDonald’s especially is known for switching up menus often (I feel so sad when the Mozzarella Dippers disappear) as their limited-edition creations are replaced every few months.

So as a fellow cheese lover, when I saw the saucy Philly Cheese Stack arrive recently, I had to see what it was all about.


I tried the new McDonald’s autumn menu and theres a few items I NEED to stay forever 🍟 Let’s taste test!

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My excuse for trying it ASAP was that I’ve always wanted to try a traditional American Philly cheesesteak and although the big beefy stack doesn’t really look the same, it was as close as I was going to get.

I was also excited to see what the new M&M’s Halloween McFlurry and Twix Toffee Apple McFlurry were all about because I think the more versions of the classic ice cream, the better.

I tried McDonald’s new autumn menu and these 2 items need to stay forever

Chilli Cheese Bites

McDonald's knows the way to my heart through their famous Mozzarella Dippers, and when they are taken off the menu for a while, I don’t know what to do with myself.

Wandsworth Times: Cheese lovers don't want to miss this itemCheese lovers don't want to miss this item (Image: Newsquest)

I decided to give the Chilli Cheese Bites another go and I was actually surprised how much I liked them – even dipped in my favourite tangy tomato dip.

They are packed with cheese (obviously) with just the right amount of chilli - the crispiness is also on point.

Score: 8/10

Philly Cheese Stack

This is two beef patties with cheese sauce, two cheese slices, grilled and crispy onions and pickles served in a toasted sesame bun.

Wandsworth Times: Just look at the cheese sauce on the Philly Cheese StackJust look at the cheese sauce on the Philly Cheese Stack (Image: Newsquest)

All I have to say is this needs to remain on the McDonald's menu forever.

It’s very similar to a Double Quarter Pounder but it’s as if it has had a glow-up, as cheese literally drips from it.

As someone who believes in more onions the better, I was a huge fan of the variety.

Score: 11/10

McCrispy BBQ Smokehouse

If you’re into the usual chicken burgers from McDonald's, you will probably like this.

It's got all the essential ingredients including a chicken breast fillet in a crunchy coating, with smoky BBQ sauce, cheddar cheese, red onion and lettuce.

It’s certainly got the crisp and the sauce - I really rated it but I’m more of a beef patty fan when it comes to choosing a good old burger.

Score: 7/10

Toffee Apple Pie

The Apple Pie at McDonald's is something I tend to avoid as sadly my taste buds don’t react well to hot mushy fruit.

But with this new flavour, I was hopeful it could be redeemed.

However, I personally found it didn’t have much flavour at all, even if it did have the perfect crunch.

Score: 5/10

M&M’s Halloween McFlurry

When I first saw this on the new menu, I gasped at the cute Halloween sugar shapes sprinkled on top.

Mixed with chopped-up M&M’s and drizzled in Galaxy chocolate sauce, I think this McFlurry has something for everyone as it includes some of the biggest chocolate brands.

Score: 9/10

Wandsworth Times: Is there a McFlurry from Mcdonald's that you wish would return?Is there a McFlurry from Mcdonald's that you wish would return? (Image: Newsquest)

Twix Toffee Apple McFlurry

This easily beats the M&M’s McFlurry for me because it was nothing like I had ever tasted before (in a good way).

Who knew Twix and toffee apple sauce were the duo I didn’t know I needed?

It has tiny pieces of crunchy Twix biscuit and chocolate pieces, topped with fruity sauce.

The Twix McFlurry is another addition I hope can stay for good.

Score: 11/10

Unfortunately, I couldn’t get hold of Toffee Apple Donut but at least I have an excuse to return soon.