Royal Mail has revealed new images of a set of stamps that celebrates 20 years of children’s TV show Peppa Pig.

To mark the anniversary, 12 stamps featuring Peppa Pig and her friends and family will be available to buy.

Peppa and George, Suzy Sheep, Danny Dog, Daddy Pig, Mummy Pig, Grandpa and Granny Pig all feature in the main set of eight stamps, as well as a miniature sheet showing the characters having fun at a party.

A special video has also been created, featuring Peppa, Daddy Pig, Mr Zebra and one of Royal Mail’s very own posties as they deliver special invitations to Peppa’s party. You can watch the video via the Royal Mail website.

Wandsworth Times: Peppa Pig and George feature on a Royal Mail stamp togetherPeppa Pig and George feature on a Royal Mail stamp together (Image: Royal Mail/PA Wire)

David Gold, Royal Mail’s director of external affairs and policy, said: “Peppa Pig, her friends and family have brought joy and laughter to global audiences of all ages for two decades.

“These delightful stamps will brighten up the day of anyone receiving mail with a touch of Peppa’s charm.”

Senior vice president of Global Licensed Consumer Products, Hasbro, Marianne James said: “As a lifelong best friend, Peppa Pig encourages kids to jump in together and confidently treat each first step as a new adventure – from the everyday to the epic.

“Getting mail in the post is an exciting and special treat for little ones, and we cannot think of a better way for families to embrace this first experience than with Peppa Pig stamps from Royal Mail.”

Wandsworth Times: Peppa Pig and her friends and family feature in Royal Mail's new stamp collectionPeppa Pig and her friends and family feature in Royal Mail's new stamp collection (Image: Royal Mail/PA Wire)Recommended reading:

How to buy the new Peppa Pig stamps

If you’d like to get your hands on the new stamps, here’s how you can.

The stamps are available to pre-order now via the Royal Mail website and they will go on sale on May 16.

A range of collectable products can also be pre-ordered now.