Charlie Edwards has hit back at punters who reckon his world title shot in September has come too early in his career.

He will face Johnriel Casimero for the IBF World Flyweight at the O2 in what will be his ninth professional outing.

Edwards, who grew up in Beddington, turned pro last year, and has seven wins out of seven, including WBC International silver flyweight title, under his belt so far.

The 23-year-old is in action this weekend in Berlin on the Saureland Show – although he is still waiting on confirmation of his opponent.

But it is all a prelude to September’s showdown against the 26-year-old from the Philippines after their title fight was announced today.

Edwards said: “It is not a gamble, it is what dreams are made of.

“I am the underdog, but he is coming into my backyard at the O2 with all my support there.

“He is coming into the lion’s den and if he under-estimates me, he will be in a very bad place.

“I am going to make it so awkward for him, my footwork and hand-speed is going to be ultra-quick.

“He has only seen me fight people who I am well above, but when I fight someone on a good level, my performance levels go up 10-fold.

“I switch on, I don’t take risks and I cannot wait to put it all on the line come September.”

Edwards is now based in Marbella with MGM, a long way from the days when he and brother Sunny would spar in a boxing ring in their front garden at home.

He said: “It is all I have been working for since I was a little kid, I have given my life to boxing and pushed and pushed for this opportunity.

“I have pictured winning a world title over and over again, all through training since I turned pro, I have been telling myself I am going to be a world champion.

“I am in such a good place right now, and I am only going to get better and better.”

He added: “He [Casimero] is slow-footed, which will play to my advantage, and he about 5’5” so I have the reach on him as well.

“He throws a lot of single shots and not a lot of combinations, so with my speed and the way I box I am going to run rings round him. I am going to make it so horrible for him.”

This weekend’s fight was originally a “ticking over” event for Edwards, but since today’s announcement, it has taken much more serious implications.

Moreover, Edwards insists his mind will be well and truly in Berlin and not on the O2.

“Concentrating on this weekend is not going to be difficult, off the back of this announcement I am now even more up for this fight,” he said.

“I am going to go out there and put in one of the best performances of my career to date.

“I cannot wait for Saturday because everyone is going to be tuning in, they want to see what I am about. So it is show-time for me.”