A 15-year-old Battersea kickboxing champion has successfully defended his junior world title in Twickenham.

Daniel Hearn, of Scorpion Kickboxing, managed to keep his BIKMA world championship crown after his contest with Kobie Spinney-Dibble out of 87 Fight Club.

Although it ended in a draw, he kept the belt because he is the champion.

Proud mum Jane Hearn said: “It means so much to us. Probably more so to me than him to be honest, being mum and coach!

“It was tough, it was six nights a week [of preparation]. It involved a lot of cardio, a lot of running, he did a lot of swimming, pad work, weights, endurance.

“It’s a hard balance because I’ll say, ‘Get off the Playstation you’re going for a run’. But for this title he was like, ‘Mum come on, I’ve got to go for my run’. I’ll be like ‘Okay, let’s go’.

“He has inspired so many of the younger ones to really sort of knuckle down with their training.”

The event was held at Harlequins Rugby Club’s Twickenham Stoop ground on December 2, and there are already plans for a rematch sometime next year.

Hearn, who trains at Scorpion Kickboxing Club’s branch in Battersea High Street, clinched the crown after a first-round knockout in just 33 seconds back in July this year.

Ms Hearn added: “We said to him when he stepped out with the belt again, even if he’d lost that fight he left 110 per cent of your heart and soul in the ring that night. He just gave everything.

“Even our other instructor, Jason [Stevens, chief instructor of Scorpion Kickboxing], said he just blew us all away.”

“It was amazing, it was a great fight.”