Repton Boxing Club’s Humza Malik became a two-time national champion at the England Junior ABA Boxing Championships.

The Streatham youngster, who attends Graveney School in Tooting, was the youngest in his 46kg open weight class, which meant his opponents were at least a year older then him. 

But in the London finals, despite facing an opponent 18 months older with twice as many fights under his belt as well as a national title, Humza won the fight unanimously to progress to the quarter-finals which he also won in the third round to book a place at the finals in Wigan.

He then beat an opponent in the semi-final who had 28 fights on his record and was also a national champion to earn a place in the final the next day.

And his next opponent was 15 months older with 43 fights experience, compared to Humza’s 10, and also a two-time national champion. 

But Humza outclassed him, winning the fight convincingly to claim his second national title, despite his youth and relative lack of experience.

After such a massive achievement, he is now hoping to compete for England in the Tri Nations in June.