Dickson Gill insists he doesn't care if people think managing Croydon FC is the worst job in football after sacking Mike Robbins just four games into the new season.

The Trams chairman has decided to return to the dugout after going through six different managers and caretakers since appointing Mark Tompkins a year ago yesterday.

Robbins said last week he doubted there was a more callous chairman in football but Gill doesn't mind that reputation if it means Croydon progress.

"I don't look at anything like that," he said.

"At this moment I don't care how much I have to change until I get it right.

"I'm the one holding the club together and I do it for the right reasons.

"I am definitely going to do the managing now as at least then I am in control of the funds and what is going in and out."

Gill defended his decision to sack Robbins after 59 days, a period in which the 36-year-old lost three games out of four and the Trams were dumped out of the FA Cup.

"The club wasn't being run properly," he said.

"Not just the football side of it as well but the discipline side, we had something like 16 bookings in four games and two sendings off and that all costs money.

"We lost £300 in two games in fines and a little club like outs cannot be doing that.

"When you look at clubs like Grays Athletic and Norwich City they are a lot bigger than us but when you know things aren't right you have to change it.

"I was impressed with him when he came but he didn't get the squad right and I have given him long enough.

"He's a very nice person outside of football but never came forward with all these things he said he would bring and those issues built up.

"It's not a pleasurable thing to do but my club has to be bigger than that, I'm looking at the bigger picture."

Croydon FC's managers in the last 12 months:

- Mark Tompkins, 52 days (Sep 1 to Oct 23, 2008) P9 W5 D1 L3. Win percentage 55.5%

- David Dei and Marcus Alcindor (caretakers), 17 days (Oct 24 to Nov 10) P4 W1 D1 L2. Win percentage 25%

- Dave Leworthy and Peter Thompson, 68 days, (Nov 11 to Jan 19, 2009) P9 W4 D1 L4. Win percentage 44.4%

- Tony Beckingham, 133 days (Jan 23 to Jun 5) P23 W13 D3 L7. Win percentage 56.52%

- Mike Robbins, 59 days (Jun 22 to Aug 20) P4 W0 D1 L3. Win percentage 0%

- Matt Longhurst (caretaker), one game, P1 W0 D1 L0. Win percentage 0%