It’s amazing the things you can find deep within the darkest depths of your sofa cushions when you reach in far enough.

From loose change and long forgotten fugitive crisps to things that might not ever actually exist, such as world peace or an interest in the scandalous lives of Brangelina.

Recently, Palace seem to have been reunited with the most rare item of them all: the ability to win a game of football.

The resurgence has largely been down to the inspired form of our wingers, a practice that has not been uncommon in the years succeeding promotion.

With the success of Puncheon and Bolasie under Pulis, sandwiched in between two spells of Yannick and Wilf, our attacking play has long been defined by powerful, counter attacking wing play, and the new partnership of Zaha and Townsend certainly doesn’t break tradition.

Our various wing associations in recent years have portrayed everything about our progression and remains one of the reasons why neutral fans seem to enjoy watching us play.

Their excitement and unpredictability has separated us from being another generic, boring, mid-table team like Stoke or West Brom.

It was so important that we kept Wilfried Zaha this summer and I genuinely couldn’t be happier that we did.

I love him.

There’s always been questions regarding his end product but he showed against Middlesbrough that he definitely has it; he just needs to pick and choose the right moment to do an extra flip flap and when to whip in a cross.

It’s hard to gauge the perfect blend, as we want increased productivity without coaching the showboating out of him, because it is unique, effective and often unbelievable.

It sounds ridiculous to compare him to some of the best players in the world, but in terms of exciting a crowd and beating his man with skill, he is up there with the likes of Ronaldo and Neymar.

This is the season he’ll kick on and people will realise how talented he actually is.

There was a reason he won player of the year last season and I firmly believe he’ll force his way back into the England set up and play a part at the next World Cup – feel free to quote me on that.

His antithesis, Andros Townsend, is different to what we became used to in the man he replaced, as his positivity lies in creating chances and bringing others into play.

He’s direct and consistent and whilst I was always sceptical about his England and Spurs purple patch, so far he’s looked like a really shrewd piece of business.

His main focus is driving with the ball towards goal and he’ll easily score 10 goals this season, so for that reason (and half the price) he’s much more useful to have in the squad than Bolasie.

Despite all the negativity surrounding the beginning of the season, we’ve assembled a very capable squad and although he didn’t score against Stoke, Christian Benteke has been instrumental in our change in form.

He is absolutely quality.

He brings others into play and the ball seems to be naturally attracted towards his chest every time he challenges, with Wickham’s ineffective cup outing highlighting the gulf in class between them.

A good week for Palace was slightly dampened by the defeat at Southampton but at least we got a rare glimpse of cult hero Zeki Fryers, who has become about as relevant as protesting the closure of a nightclub at a football match.

Not even that depressing performance was enough to spoil my mood after yet ANOTHER win against my absolute favourite team ever.

It’s getting a bit boring beating them now but hopefully it won’t be too long before Mark Hughes finishes the job and takes them back to the Championship, whilst Palace march on up the league.