I was delighted to read the letter from Andy Davies, of Southfields, about the wretched quality of socalled tree pruning in his area.

I live in Wandsworth and dread the annual arrival of the council’s “tree surgeons”. Mr Davies is quite right to describe their work as savage tree mutilation.

The “surgeons” appear to have no pruning skills, instead hacking away regardless of aesthetics or skill.

Where does the council find them? How much do we pay for their appalling efforts?

And why bother? Rather spend it on council planting.

I refer to CM Barnard’s letter on the same page and would add to that the rubbish-tip appearance of the bed outside the Brocklebank Heath Centre.

Our tree-lined streets are something to treasure not abuse.

They are beautiful, absorbing air pollution and noise. Why does the council not ask residents what they think about this annual mutilation?

They are our trees and tree-lined streets.

The council must learn to value and respect them as do the residents.