A manager who transformed Tooting Market into a thriving hub is turning his attention to the tech world to change the way people shop in markets.

Roi Mengelgrein was brought into manage Tooting Market in 2010 after his success working in its Camden counterpart.

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His passion for providing space for small businesses and artists to start up has led to the creation of Marketsnapp, a website that makes it quick and easy for traders to sell online.

Wandsworth Times:

A screenshot of the Marketsnapp homepage

Mr Mengelgrein said: "Marketsnapp provides its users a platform where all types of trades can come together to exhibit their goods collectively, creating a unique selling environment that supports small businesses and helps raise national awareness of the important role which markets play within society.

"It gives shoppers the convenience of browsing what is on the shelves of hundreds of local shops and markets from the comfort of their own homes thus allowing safe and secure purchases with delivery or the popular option of 'Click and Collect'.

"Marketsnapp gives people an honest opportunity to start or try a new business responsibly, which in the high street for the majority, remains unattainable due to high rents and ambiguous leasing terms."

Market stallholders who want to sell through the website sign up for free, and are verified by the team before their account is activated.

They are then presented with a dashboard which enables them to quickly upload items from their stall for sale online.

Wandsworth Times:

How the website will look to buyers

Sellers will only pay once they have sold an item, with 9.5 per cent commission charged on each item.

Buyers can choose their items and pay through the website and pick them up from the market collection point or have them delivered.

Mr Mengelgrein hopes that the website will change the way people shop in their local markets and that the website can grow past Tooting and Wandsworth, to other parts of the country too.

The website is due to launch in April.