A building that would have "stuck out like a sore thumb" has been denied planning permission by four votes to three after nearly 150 objections by residents and the Wandsworth Society.

Developers lodged plans to convert the Homebase in Swandon Way into three blocks of flats, between nine and 17 storeys high and residents immediately spoke out against the plans, stating the 17-storey 'station' building was too high for the area.

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April 3: Plan to turn Homebase in Wandsworth Town into flats "withdrawn" in face of 150 objections

Although the site is outside the Wandsworth Conservation Area, is it recommended by the council that buildings there are no higher than nine storeys.

Councillor Will Sweet, ward member for Fairfield, spoke on behalf of the residents at the planning meeting on Monday June 27.

He said: "I have had more correspondence on this issue than any other in my two years as a councillor.

"We have held several meetings with the developers and although they have been civil, they have been unwilling to agree that this is too tall.

"I have always said location of these buildings must be appropriate and residents are quite clear that this is not appropriate."

Cllr Sweet said he thought the application should be rejected on the basis of a low level of affordable housing, with only 24 per cent offered and no social housing in the mix, as well as transport problems, with overcrowding an issue at Wandsworth Town station.

He also noted that houses nearby would suffer overshadowing from the height of the building.

Cllr Sweet said: "There is overshadowing to such an extent that nine to 10 properties will fail [the daylight standard].

"I know that is only 10 but we have a duty to stand up for those residents.

"The council itself has worked to preserve the Victorian image of this part of the borough, we need to be careful about doing things that will harm this community.

"The view will be permanently changed."

Cllr Jane Dodd said the building would "stick out like a sore thumb" in the landscape of Wandsworth Town.

Cllr Sarah McDermott, chairman of the planning committee said: "I feel its saving grace is it is the other side of the railway line, granted if you live in the Tonsleys you have a fairly flat view at the moment but the whole area is bound to be developed.

"Transport is an issue for everyone who is going to develop around there."

There would have been 321 homes in the development, retail units, a creche, office space and car parking and cycle spaces.

Had the plans been accepted, the developer would also have built a new entrance to Wandsworth Town station at a cost of £2.5m, though councillors noted residents would prefer a lift in the station.

The committee moved to vote against the recommendation to approve the application, refusing it on the basis of "bulk, mass and height" of the tallest building, by four votes to three.