Wandsworth borough could lose up to £250,000 a day as parking wardens take their third strike day today, according to GMB Union.

Almost every member of NSL staff, the UK’s biggest provider of parking enforcement services, have walked out as part of the union’s pay dispute issue.

During the strike days, parking charges will not be checked and fines won’t be issued, meaning many drivers might not bother to buy parking tickets – losing Wandsworth Council and NSL a lot of money.

Other services will also be called off during the strike, such as parking bays being suspended for people having building work done or moving house.

Paul Grafton, GMB Union’s organiser, said: “These workers are determined to fight for the pay rise they deserve.

“They have worked throughout the pandemic keeping the streets moving.

“They should not be rewarded with a real terms pay cut.

“Parking wardens in a neighbouring borough receive £5 an hour more for doing the same job.

“We call on Wandsworth Council to bring the contract back in house, pay staff decently and stop the private contractor taking profits which could be reinvested in the borough.”

However, Wandsworth Council is arguing that the union are refusing to compromise despite a number of offers being made.

Paul added: “The longer this strike goes on for, the more income NSL and the council miss out on.

"GMB members collect huge amounts of money on behalf of the council.

“Whilst they are on strike, motorists may well decide to take the risk of not buying a parking ticket on the basis there is a smaller risk of getting a fixed penalty notice.”

A spokesperson for Wandsworth Council said: “Parking attendants are employed through an operator and the council has ensured that their current pay level meets the London Living Wage, in line with other local authorities.

“Despite a number of offers having been made these have been rejected without any attempt to compromise which has resulted in industrial action that is having a negative impact on our residents and businesses who rely on parking enforcement in their local area."

A spokesperson for NSL said: "Civil Enforcement Officers currently receive the London Living Wage in line with the previous pay agreement with the GMB.

"We are disappointed that despite a number of offers having been made in line with inflation, these have all been rejected and that the GMB have not compromised in their demand for a 58 per cent pay increase.

"NSL continue to negotiate regarding future pay and we remain hopeful that we can reach an agreement."