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Sensational speed, amazing agility and more importantly, a whole lot of money to be had. No, we’re not talking about horse racing, we’re talking about greyhound racing. Race betting has always been popular with sports bettors. So, if you want to follow the world of greyhound racing, you check out this offer and see all the exclusive 2019 bonuses which are now available.

The thrill of seeing the stampede tear towards the finish is truly exhilarating for viewers. The thrill is even greater with an active bet on the race taking place. Could greyhound racing be the sport that takes your sport betting to new heights? 

Greyhound racing is somewhat less popular than horse racing, despite the fact it can be just as exciting. These racing dogs can run at breath-taking speeds and their agility around the bends on the race track can simply be incredible. However, there are a few facts about greyhound racing that the average sports bettor may not be aware of. 

Secrets of the Track

Just like horse racing, there is no shortage of fascinating statistics and information when it comes to greyhound racing. It may well be the least popular of the two racing events, but it proves to be just as endearing. What exactly are the secrets of the track? Read on to find out.

Greyhounds are the fastest breed of dog in the world

No surprise Greyhounds are chosen for racing!

An average greyhound can run at a speed of up to 45mph. At this speed they would have no problem leaving the fastest man on the planet (Usain Bolt) for dust. With their slender build and muscular legs, this breed is built for speed and that’s certainly what they show during their races.

They are celebrities of The Bible

Greyhounds are the only breed of dog specifically mentioned by name in The Bible.

Caught for doping

Across the UK, greyhound race dogs regularly test positive for performance enhancing drugs. With big money at stake for the owners of the dogs and the punters betting on them, it would seem some are looking to ‘go the extra mile’ to secure that cash.

The lure of the race

A lure is what the greyhounds chase throughout the race, it will be propelled forward around the race track until the greyhounds have completed the distance specifications for the race.

Short career

Greyhound race dogs will typically be in service for a few years as they can begin racing as early as 18 months old and end somewhere between the ages of 4 to 6. Upon retirement, the racing dogs are often kept for breeding purposes or rehomed as a family pet.